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Persian and Himalayan Cats and Kittens

Photo Gallery of Available Cats & Kittens

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The kittens pictured represent the available kittens and may not be the actual kittens. Please call (714) 952-4419 or email to verify availability.

Blue Point Himalayan

Blue Point Himalayan


13 week old silver persian male

Yoda's kittens from Spring 2001
Seal Point Himalayan

Cream Puff
Cream Point Himalayan

8 week old silver persians

8 Week Old Silver Persians

Shaded Silver Kitten

Shaded Silver Persian

Available Himalayan Kittens


shaded silver kitten

Doll E. 2
Shaded Silver Persian
Not for Sale

Blue Lynx Point

Blue Lynx Point


In memory of CJ.